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Last Icon Maker Standing challenge

multiple fandoms at a time

a LIMS competition: multiple fandoms at a time
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Competition 1: VERONICA MARS

About fandom_LIMS

Welcome to fandom_LIMS aka Last Icon Maker Standing. This is a community created by detoxcocktails and miss_sarac. The premise: a weekly competetion & elimination to find out who will be the last icon maker standing! This community is similiar to ultimate_lims but instead of a different fandom cap/photo every week, we will be doing an entire competition based around ONE specific fandom. The first competition will be VERONICA MARS.

(01.) First you must SIGN UP HERE. You have until Monday, Decemeber 12(before voting goes up later the same day) to sign up. Then don't forget to join the community because you must be a member to participate! Don't forget to put "marshmallow" somewhere in your comment or subject to show us that have read the rules! This is important---we won't add you to the list until you remember the word.
(02.) The first challenge will go up Thursday, December 8th. You will then have FIVE days to make & submit your icon to the appropriate post. If you have not signed up & entered by the time the fist voting post goes up, you will not be able to participate. Additionally you must enter every challenge until you are voted off. If you miss a challenge or break a rule, you will be disqualified.
(03.) After the five days, voting will take place. However, instead of voting for your favorite(s) icon, you will be voting for your least favorite icon(s)! You are voting someone OUT of the COMPETETION.
(04.) At the end of the voting period, the person(s) with the most votes, will be disqualified from the contest.
(05.) All subissions MUST remain anonymous or you will be disqualified.

[x] This is a contest for icon makers of all skill levels. Everyone is welcome to particpate here. However, if you won't be able to handle getting 'voted off', don't join.
[x] Each week we will provide you with a different image from Veronica Mars. That image is the only image you are allowed to use. Stock photos, brushes, textures, etc are all allowed unless otherwise noted. You must make an icon of the provided image whether you like that particular subject or not.
[x] All entries must remain anonymous! This means you cannot post your icon anywhere until after voting is over for that challenge! If we, the mods, see it anywhere before then, you be disqualified. You will submit your icon via screened comment to the corresponding challenge each week.
[x] You must participate in each challenge. If you fail to enter in time, you are out of the competition. If you know you will be away or unable to enter a certain challenge, leave a comment HERE with your email address & what dates you will be away for, and one of the mods will email you that particular image. This means that you must submit your icon earlier as well.
[x] Voting will take place every 5th day using screened comments. Each week you will be voting someone off. Most weeks you will be voting multiple people off, until we get down to the final challenges.
[x] These challenges & voting will continue until we are down to TWO icon makers. We will then have a special voting though screened comments & then the winner will be announced! The winner will receive the DVD set of his/her choice!
[x] The goal: to find out who is the best icon maker around (ideally anyways)!

See full RULES & INFO: HERE!


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